Private Lessons

For private lessons, get in touch with our instructors directly.


Running the studio is a lot of fun! But also a lot of work and we can use your help. Beyond being your awesome selves and taking classes with us and helping out at dojo, if you feel like helping out or are hurting for cash but still want to take classes, you can exchange work for a discount on classes.

Some ideas of things we can use help with:

  • Making buttons to identify helpers and teachers at Dojo
  • Taking out the trash on Wednesday and cleaning up Tuesday evening
  • Organizing promotional/fun events like impromptu lindy bombs so that we can combine having fun and hand out fliers
  • Bringing flyers to the Tavern at the End of the World.
  • Organizing student outings where more experienced dancers take newer dancers to dances
  • Making sure fliers are at all dances
  • Printing business cards for the teachers
  • Creating 3x5 cards instead of fliers
  • Helping us code new features for the website
  • Working on css for the website. (We're about to implement a redesign)
  • Lawyers to help with incorporation type stuff
  • Accountants to help with tax advice
  • Writers to apply for grants to support the arts
  • Bringing alien life forms to New School Swing to introduce them to the joy of dance so that they don't attack the planet
  • Bringing world peace to all through dance

Email us or call us for more info.

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